Excellent and well thought out plans

The Pawhuska Chamber of Commerce is an avid supporter of the Pawhuska Skate Park and is a member of the "Make It Happen In Pawhuska" Skatepark Committee. Greg Mize of Native Skateparks, LLC worked closely with the Chamber, the Committee and funding sources by providing outstanding plans, specifications and funding options for a cost effective, sophisticated concrete flow bowl skate park with a much longer lifespan, as opposed to a three component modular one that won't last as long and is high maintenance. He also provided a package of data citing the merits of skating and has been instrumental in helping the "Make it Happen in Pawhuska" committee secure significant funding. Due to the excellent and well thought out plans, we are the elated recipients of a prestigious Tony Hawk Foundation Grant in the amount of $25,000.  

-Mike McCartney, Pawhuska Chamber Director
Consistent job site management

This past spring members of the eight person committee toured concrete skateboard sites in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Pawhuska, New Braunfels, Texas and Joplin, Missouri. Just this past month the group solicited a Request For Qualifications from a dozen skatepark designer/contractors and received six qualified responses. Following a series of evaluations and in-person interviews, Native Skateparks was chosen as the contractor of choice for the $125K privately funded Sand Springs Park Friends project. While all of the firms were deemed capable to complete this project, most concepts for the Sand Springs skatepark ranged in size from 4,000 to 5,000 square feet. Native Skateparks submitted a concept reflecting a substantially larger skatepark...Finally, Native Skateparks will take the lead on all aspects of the parks construction - while other firms may have relied on various levels of out-sourced help - thus ensuring consistent job site management

- Sand Springs OK. Press Release
Created at the Smithsonian

Native Skateparks was invited to attend and help construct a half-pipe that was skated in a series of demonstrations at the National Museum of the American Indian during the "Ramp It Up" Event. The ramp was erected improbable enough, in the direct center of the pristine Potomac Atrium. This museum is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of the life, languages, literature, history and arts of all tribes. The "Ramp It Up" Event showcased Skateboard Culture in Native America.
Sand Springs, OK
Pawhuska, OK
Poteau, OK
Tony Hawk Foundation Grant Recipient                                                                                                                                                     The skate park off Broadway in Poteau, OK is approx. 11,000 square feet.  It was designed to host a super fun and fast intermediate style bowl and offers some distinctive street features that should allow for some technical options while still having a good overall flow. This park is designed and built by Native Skateparks and was a 2011 grant recipient from the great folks at the Tony Hawk Foundation.  Our Crew worked through record heat to bring this little gem to south eastern Oklahoma in 65 days. 
Owasso, OK

Native Skateparks Remodels Owasso Skatepark

Owasso, OK  gave us the opportunity to renovate the area where they had a pre-fab ramp park.  Check out the pictures to see what we created from what was a flat slab of concrete.  As pre-fab parks begin to phase out due to all their known issues, cities are looking to renovate these facilities with a more creative and sound approach. Custom concrete skateparks are far more functional and stimulating to the users and require no regular maintenance.  
Indoor concrete bowl and street course.

​On the Rock Ministries in Bartlesville Oklahoma has a great history of supporting young skateboarders. They are one of longest running indoor skateparks in the state of Oklahoma. Native Skateparks was hired to design and build the new skatepark expansion.  The new addition includes an all new  super fun and fast indoor concrete bowl with spine and mini bowl. The street course is built with both wood and concrete.

Bartlesville, OK
San Diego County, CA
San Diego County Parks and Rec first concrete park

17,500 square feet of color concrete, street plaza, flow bowl, features that suit all ages.

Designed by ASD and completed in spring of 2014.

Leadville, CO

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Highest elevation skate park in the United States

With an altitude of 10,200 feet from sea level, we think we may have built the highest skate park in the world!!! At 22,334 square feet, it is currently the third largest in Colorado.

A combination of flow and street included in this design gives Leadville a skate park to handle any skill and style of skater that wants to enjoy this world class skate park.

With splashes of color concrete used throughout, it's pleasing to the eye and fun, fun, FUN!

Two large cantilever banks mimic the Rockies that surround this high octane skate park. Built with growing the sport in mind, Leadville is getting rave reviews for the final product and has become a favorite since the day we finished.

Come and enjoy!
Heavener,  OK
Small town success story

Our skate park in south east Oklahoma has given the skaters one of the best parks in a 200 mile radius. They come from Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas to ride this well designed, creative, and fast 8060 square foot ride.

Part of a two park system brought to the area by Greg Mize, it is included in skate jams along with our Poteau park 11 miles north.
Situated in a wonderful multi use public park that includes a lake, ball fields, basketball courts and jungle gyms gives families with kids of all ages something to do.

With the town planning on lights, the fun will never end!

Videos: Contest Bound / Nashoba Skatepark / Heavner Skatepark
Kwethluk, Alaska
Extremely remote serving 239 kids

Just under 2,000 square feet, this custom fit skate park has become the most popular place for the native youth to enjoy.

Built in a speedy 8 days by a talented team of dedicated employees. It is a hit among the local native youth.
Muskogee, OK
Another park in Native America

Sitting in the heart of Indian country, the skate park at Robison Park is being called the best all around skate park in all of Oklahoma.

The superb combination of plaza and flow offers challenges for any skill level.

The 10 foot deep bowl has 18 inches of true vert. Even the best get a big rush dropping in. Fast and deep the bowl has become a hit with the experienced skaters and BMX'ers.

Other features throughout the park round out this terrific design to meet the needs of any skill level beginner to pro alike.